Abdelrahman pharmacy is a family run business and as such brings a feeling of warmth and care to all its clients. We are dedicated to provide excellent customer service both in store and online and we pride ourselves on the exceptional quality of products we stock. We hope you enjoy shopping with us both in store and online and look forward to your satisfaction

Your  abdelrahmanpharmacy.com  online health & beauty store has been offering all the health & beauty products you need, 
With access to information at your fingertips, there is also easy access to prescription medication. With one click—plus free delivery—acquiring prescription medications has become easier than getting them at traditional brick-and-mortar pharmacies. And in some cases, it’s more affordable. Also you can consult our pharmacists any time you need and they will always recommend the best for your case. 

we have only one goal in mind: satisfying all your personal care needs with a targeted and effective range of health & beauty products at very competitive prices. And to make your shopping experience all the more enjoyable, we offer free delivery in the same day to your doorstep in all Bahrain areas.